Less Blog Posts These Days

To tell the truth, it’s a great relief, not feeling the pressure of getting out a post every day. Almost 5,000 of ’em — time for a change

My main focus these days is on the new book, SMALL HOMES; I’ve got over 50 pages roughly laid out, am in daily contact with a slew of contributors. I figure making books is how I can reach the most people, the best use of my time right now.

We’re plotting a new online strategy. Right now, I’m thinking of doingTwitter and Instagram, with occasional blog posts. Right now there are 5 steps to getting a photo out there:

1. Shoot photo.

2. Load into MacAir.

3. Fiddle a bit with it in Photoshop.

4. Find Wi-Fi (or be in office)

5. Post it

My intention is to shoot photos with an iPhone 6, post on Instagram right then. If this works out, I’ll be able to communicate way quicker. Right now, am waiting to see what Apple’s got coming with the iPhone 7, maybe the 6’s will be cheaper.

Found a nearly deserted beach yesterday, clothes off, warm sand, swimming, the only time I’ve experienced NorCal water so warm was the last El Niño, so unusual to be in this ocean and feel comfortable. Gathered a big bag full of purple/green seaweed for the garden. Like my neighbor, surfer/fisherman Andrew said the other day (down at the beach), “We’re so lucky.”

5 Responses to Less Blog Posts These Days

  1. I'm sure you already know this Lloyd but seaweed should only be collected when it's still attached and not washed up on shore to avoid any nasties 😉

    Hope you get the iPhone/Instagram communication sorted it sounds ideal.

  2. Anonymous says:

    beautiful picture up above.

    re posts…will be glad of whatever you do post, always nice to see what's up with you.

    no need to feel pressured to post, for us. much of the joy of perusing your postings comes from your spontaneous spurts…grin.

  3. Stephanie says:

    Love the picture above. Yeah, Instagram is great for quick on the fly little posts like this one with a great picture and a quick little story. We'll follow you wherever you go, Lloyd!

  4. JB Green says:

    Lloyd – how can we find you on Instagram?

  5. Lloyd Kahn says:

    May not get rolling on it for a month or so.

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