A Change is Gonna Come - Aretha Franklin

Rick Gordon just sent me this. When she hit the first”…come,” it sent an electric shock to my brain. Pins and needles for lack of a better metaphor. 1967.

4 Responses to A Change is Gonna Come - Aretha Franklin

  1. Martin says:

    Re: Obama – me too, what a disappointment. Didn't vote for him last time (and I always vote) – voted Pacific Green instead and likely will continue to do so even tho' I really like Bernie.

    Thanks for Aretha by the way.

  2. MO says:

    He fooled a lot of people….

  3. Summeer Ho says:

    What a beautiful song!? I know that Mr. Obama did His best… 🙂
    Must see Pottery Place Phoenix

  4. bayrider says:

    I always said Obama was just another doctrinaire Democrat, no different than Reid or Pelosi. There is not an original idea in sight in either party, they just cling to their tired old platitudes and attitudes. Now Hilary is the perfect empty candidate, no other purpose than personal ambition.

    On the other hand once we let go of the idea that politicians will make everything better we can actually take more responsibility and control of our own lives.

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