Breakfast This Morning With Louie, Titsch, and Kyle

I took off early Wednesday morning with Yogan, my carpenter friend from France. This is Friday morning, so I’m not posting chronologically, but this is hot off the press: at breakfast this morning with Louie and Titsch*, this little boy walked up holding one of our Tiny Homes mini books, showing it to me. “Where’d you get that,” I asked.

“You gave it to me last year.”

Earlier this morning, I’d given a Tiny Homes On the Move mini book to a 3-year-old girl sitting at our able and she started going through it page by page and then said, “This is really cool.”

Made my day, to say the least.  Kids are with us.

Here’s Kyle Radic, driving south to San Francisco with his mom and she said he’d brought along his favorite book:

Photo by Titsch Jones
*Titsch and I were born on the same day (not the same year), and my mother’s maiden name was Jones, so I consider him my brother. He’s from Wales.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    yup, I can tell. for sure the two of you are the spitting image….grin (almost)

    nice visit, nice to hear about it. Thanks. It is always nice to hear of connections (from when he first got the book), and wonder where they will lead to. Maybe the young fellow will become your new blog guest poster…grin.

  2. That's one great picture!

  3. one great photo is right and soooooooooooo love the cool secret swimming place. beautiful. thanks for writing…and what's the chances of meeting Kyle just at that time? way cool.

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