West Coast (Santa Cruz) White Sharks

Synchronicity: Before the last blog, about the shark on the east coast was posted, Ed Forgotson sent this link.

“A great white shark near Santa Cruz swam under a kayak on Tuesday – and the paddler, a marine biologist out to see the sharks, snapped a series of photos unlike anything ever seen on the central coast.

‘I was just off the cement ship when this 8-foot great white shark swam right under my kayak,’ said Giancarlo Thomae, who works as an interpretive specialist for a whale watching operation.

   The photographs also show great white sharks in the shallows just off Seacliff State Beach in Aptos on Monterey Bay, where campers on the beach watch the shark fins as they pass nearby.

   While paddling his kayak, Thomae sighted and photographed four great white sharks at close range along the shore. He then boarded Specialized Helicopters out of Watsonville for a sky view, where he and the pilot counted 14 great white sharks just offshore the state beach, within a quarter mile of the cement ship. In the photos, the silhouettes of the sharks are clear near the sea surface.…”

Photo: Giancarlo Thomae / KayakWhaleWatching.com


4 Responses to West Coast (Santa Cruz) White Sharks

  1. Anonymous says:

    nice pics/video…this one and one below..
    I am wondering is that water (in both pic and video) as dirty as it appears to me?

    if so, it seems sadly polluted..???

  2. PG Geoff says:

    That's the way ocean water is. Water clarity has little to do with water quality.

  3. Anonymous says:

    PG Geoff…ah. Thanks for info. I didn't know.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hello Lloyd. Quelle bonne alégorie que cette image d'un gros requin flou en ces temps de démocratie baffouée! (What's a good alegory this image of a big blurred shark proposes us in these times of trampled democratie! ) I pick it for my 'no tafta pics collection'.

    vive l'autonomie. NO TAFTA.


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