Tiny Homes on Wheels Builder in New York (State)

“Dear Lloyd,

    I have been fallowing your documentation religiously for more than 10 years now and been consistently inspired in my building by your work, so thank you so very much for that. I have built 2 tiny homes on wheels for myself, and having worked out some kinks on my own will be starting construction on a home on wheels for my mom in a month or so. The first attachment is of my first tiny house and the rest are of my second and current house which recently made a move 80 miles across upstate New York to Trumansburg, outside of Ithaca where I’ll be building the house for my mom.…


Jamie Carestio”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    these are both very charming and interesting, to me. to my mind they both have artistic and practical "balance", and "work" very well. Somehow they are at once sturdy, creative, practical, interesting and fun.

    I especially like the top one. It is satisfying in design and completely surprising (to me) that he has taken an smallish oldish trailer and added a second story to it, which seems to "architecturally" complete it.

    look forward to more pics/ inside pics/ new "builds".

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