The Brotherhood of Skateboarding in China's Far West

“In the ethnically mixed region of Xinjiang, in China’s far west, tensions run high, and the government-promoted slogan that ‘Uighurs and Han are all one family”’is not embraced by everyone.

But Xie Shi, a 30-year-old photographer and skateboarder based in the eastern city of Nanjing, says that the skateboarding scene there is both ethnically diverse and more harmonious than the mainstream of society. In a new photography book titled Aghine…Mr. Xie compiled 64 photos he took on his two trips to Xinjiang last year. They include 30 portraits of skaters in the cities of Urumqi, Karamay and Kashgar, and in Tashkurgan Tajik Autonomous County. There are also photos that offer a glimpse of the everyday life in the far-flung western region.…”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    very cool. and very encouraging (about the world in general, so to speak). makes one think there is genuine hope for good possibilities in the world, to read about this and your previous skateboard / surfing posts in some other countries.

    Thank you.

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