Single Mom Converts Schoolbus Into Tiny Home

“Reality: Tiny Home Living 

As I sit listening to the rain fall on the well-sealed roof (roofing tar, folks, it’s a miracle worker) with Mazzy Starr streaming on my Pandora via shared wireless, my feet are propped up on the stove and I sit on my daughter’s bed/the couch, I can honestly say I think it’s going to be alright.

The Hardest Part: driving the bus home, and then up the steep driveway and into this spot. Scary is the right word to describe the overall feel of that event. Other feeling words: anxiety, panic, distress. And then a sense of accomplishment and desire to never repeat the experience.…”

From Anonymous

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  1. Anonymous says:

    this would make cool Tiny Home..

    Want your own Montreal subway car? You can buy one from the city for $1,000

    the city’s transport agency is looking to members of the public to give them a second life.

    The Societe de transport de Montreal recently issued a call for proposals from members of the public who would like to buy and transform the first-generation cars, which are set to be gradually replaced over the next three years.

    “We thought it would be a good idea to offer the public the opportunity to give us some ideas of what we can do with those cars,” said the agency’s chairman, Philippe Schnobb. “If there is any possibility to reuse (them), protecting the heritage of the metro, we’re open to ideas.”

    Successful applicants can buy one of the cars for either $750 or $1,000, plus the cost of shipping, which is estimated at around $4,000.

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