Roll Your Own-The Complete Guide to Living in a Truck, Bus, Van or Camper - 1974

Hi guys,
I found this aged photocopy while going through a box of files from years past. It was tucked in with folders of research notes, press releases, rough drafts and galleys of articles for various publications and several rejected or killed stories that I’d had vague hopes of placing in other print media; all this from the days before the Internet. Everything looked so crisp and quaint, especially the neatly typed articles on 20 lb. bonded stationary.
Times do change. Something that has held fairly constant for me my entire more-or-less adult life though is an interest in vehicular living in long or short form.
 I had already been doing it in station wagons and a van by the time I came across this book in my local library. “Roll Your Own” by Jody Pallidini and Beverly Dubin was a classic of nomadic literature, a period companion piece to “Caravan” by Stephen Gaskin and “Vagabonding in Europe and North Africa” by Ed Buryn. I never once found a copy of “Roll Your Own” outside that lone library copy. I ran this copy off a dried-out, tattered, yellowed, and bug-eaten copy of the Whole Earth Catalog if memory serves me. It came out maybe 40 years before Tiny Homes on the Move, proving to me at least that good things never go out of style.
 Nels Norene
Thanks, Nels, I was able to track down a used copy on Amazon for our archives.- LK

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  1. Jeff Bragg says:

    Yes, I believe you're right about that coming from the Whole Earth Catalog. And I believe that the JB stands for J. Baldwin.

  2. Mr. Sharkey says:


    Nearly from the beginning of my now-defunct website, I offered a review of Roll Your Own. Before all of your readers go out and scour the used book market to obtain their own copies, thereby inflating the value of this book, consider that unless you are a die-hard collector of such memorabilia, there is little in the way of useful information in this book that can't be had elsewhere. Save your pennies and pick up one of the other available books on the subject instead, you'll learn more and enjoy better.

    (And yes, has a semi-complete snapshot of my old site, including reviews of the books to which I refer above…)

  3. Anonymous says:

    I still have my copy of 'Roll Your Own' that I bought new 40 years ago. I've just dug it out for a nostalgic browse. $3.95 was the price back then.

  4. Anonymous says:

    yeah ,roll your own inspired me to drop renting and get into living truck house style ,I found a 1956 camperized Metro International step van with a blown motor for 450.00 and bought a used motor ,a 264 c.i. I believe .lived in for about 5 years then finally bought a 1956 fargo three ton flat deck and made a nice wood house on the 8 x 16 foot deck ,lived in that truck house for 7 years and it still is being used as a guest house to this day ,One book though that had most beautiful house trucks was Rolling homes ,it was quality house trucks ,nice to see people rethinking smaller spaces as a possibility!

  5. Anonymous says:

    anyone remember the book, "Mendocino Rust" about vehicles in and around Mendo County..

  6. Anonymous says:

    I bought that when it was new – still have a copy on the shelf next to more modern books on architecture, FLW, MCM, and SHELTER

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