Canadian Family Builds Tiny Home on Wheels

“Dear Mr. Kahn,

My name is Elle Campbell, I am writing on behalf of Dave Koszegi and his family, based in Port Alberni on beautiful Vancouver Island in British Columbia.

Dave…and his family have been diligently working on a Tiny Homes project since Christmas, which was inspired by your latest book, Tiny Homes on the Move: Wheels and Water.

He filmed a video about it, and I did a blog post which has been shared to his website and social platforms. Tomorrow, Shaw TV News will be shooting a small segment on his project.

I know that Dave and his family would be thrilled to be featured in any of your future publications or on your website…

But most importantly, Dave wanted you to see how much you have inspired him and his family to create the project and memories of a lifetime.…

Here is the blog post: 

Thanks so much.…

Elle Campbell”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Tiny Home Bus Conversion — Single Mom Does it..

  2. Anonymous says:

    Check in to live out of a suitcase

    (((Lloyd, maybe you will travel here with your next book, and bring us back pics)))

    To give new meaning to the phrase "living out of a suitcase", one hotel in Lunzenau, Germany, has made it possible to… well, stay in one.

    For just €15 (S$23) a night, guests can enjoy staying in one of the world's smallest hotels.

    Each minuscule 2.7m by 1.5m room in the "Kofferhotel", or Suitcase Hotel, can accommodate only two guests, and includes bunk beds, a toilet and a sink. There is an outdoor shower.

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