"Astrophysicshipster" Camps in Tent For a Year To Save on Rent

“A student camped in a back garden in Greater Manchester (UK) for a year after he was unable to afford rent on top of his £20,000 tuition fees.

Evan Eames, from Montreal in Canada, appealed on various online forums for a camping spot after realising he would be ‘drowning in debt’ to pay the fees for his astrophysics master’s degree at the University of Manchester.

The 24-year-old was offered a free pitch in Charley Mantack’s back garden in Heaton Chapel, Stockport, after she spotted his appeal on Gumtree, in which he promised tuition in maths, physics, computer science or French, in return.…

He endured snow, high winds and persistent Mancunian rain for 10 months before packing up his tent and heading back to Canada last week.”


Photo Manchester Evening News Syndication

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  1. and a lousy tent too. Bet he is training to use it on Andromeda

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