Tonight in A Treehouse

Foster Huntington and his 4X4 Toyota camper truck were featured in Tiny Homes on the Move. Turns out that:

1. Foster’s treehouse is pretty close to Portland so I’m on my way there now to hang out and spend the night before flying home tomorrow.

2. Serendipitously, this article on him appeared in yesterdays NY Times (with great photos by Kyle Johnson):

Weather has been really hot. I’ve been swimming in the Willamette River every day. It turns out to be a pretty clean river, cool (maybe 65 degrees) in 85 degree air temp.

3 Responses to Tonight in A Treehouse

  1. PhilM says:

    Yikes – crossing those rope bridge's should be interesting!

  2. bayrider says:

    Really hot? It was 107 here yesterday.

    That treehouse is brilliant but you might want to stay out of the skating bowl!

  3. Taylor says:

    That wood fired hot tub will be needed after skating the bowl.

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