Our Next Book - SMALL HOMES - Now In Production

I started 3 days ago. My M.O. is to open the file drawer and start picking out folders (there are 50-60 now) to work on.

I pick them out randomly and start doing layout— with scissors and removable scotch tape. No stinkin computers at this stage.

I print out the text in 3 & 4 columns, adjust photos to desired size on copy machine, and do rough layouts.

This is turning out to be really fun. We’ve accumulated material for maybe a year and now, the book is starting to assemble itself, in random manner. Organizing will come later.

Note: contact us if you know of small homes (400-1200 sq. ft.) that would work in this book:


We are especially interested in any kind of homes in cities and towns.

2 Responses to Our Next Book - SMALL HOMES - Now In Production

  1. This is why your books are a real pleasure Lloyd. You make very human books. I love this working practice. Can't wait (well, I'll have to!) to get my hands on this new one.

  2. For me Lloyd, a 1200sq ft house is too big to be called a small house. I lived in one for many years and didn't think it small at all. I really think the small house movement should confine itself to structures less than 1000sq ft.One thousand square feet should in my opinion, be the cut off point between small and medium…

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