30+ Minutes of Surfers in Barrels

From Lew Lewandowski

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  1. Anonymous says:

    okay, I will strongly preface this by saying, even emphasizing, I am not a surfer, not much of an athlete at all (I think pushing the grocery cart does not qualify?)….


    when I read the headline…

    pops into my mind…

    "Why are Surfers trying to stay in barrels for thirty minutes? Guiness World Record?"

    then, of course I "looked" at the pic, and realised what was meant…

    so there is your laugh for the day…grin

  2. Anonymous says:

    here's an interesting surfing article


    In Iran, where the women school the men on surfing

    When you think of Iran, you don't necessarily think "women surfing." But one French woman does. In 2010, Marion Poizeau first visited the coastal area of Baluchistan/Chabahar, an Iranian province on the Persian Gulf near the Pakistani border. Her 2013 documentary, "Into the Sea," tells the story of how surfing took hold in the region, and how they and Iranian sportswomen collaborated on the effort to make that happen.

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