5 Responses to NYC Last Night

  1. gk says:

    Someday you will have to publish your photos – they are such a lovely compilation of your journeys. "Life of Lloyd" 🙂

  2. kiniboy says:

    I echo gk's comment. What camera do you use the most? Your "on the road" pics all seem to use natural or available light , which is great. After looking at the huge wall murals (graffiti?), I was amazed at how much area you could include in the shot.
    I get my Shelter and Lloyd, blog fix everyday.

  3. Loved seeing NYC without having to go there. Thanks!

  4. Anonymous says:

    ah, more lovers of your photography, grin…ditto.

    loved the graffiti …

  5. Lloyd Kahn says:

    kiniboy, I carry a Sony Cybershot RX100 III in my fanny pack, available at all times. It's a super camera, Leitz lens, nothing else like it.

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