Carole King Musical, "Beautiful," a Dud

How can you go wrong with all those great songs? Well, by sugar coating everything. If you’d ever seen or heard the Shirelles or Drifters or Clovers or Little Eva singing “Locomotion.” you would be struck by the dumbing down/gussying up of all this music. Big lack of authenticity. I left after the intermission. I even thought some of the singers were lip-syncing. Just phony. Worse than what Motown did with the Supremes. Heavy handed and yes, it’s had great reviews. Go figure.

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  1. Popville says:

    Watched Allison Anders's wonderful, semi-fictional Carole King/Aldon Music movie Grace Of My Heart last week, twice in fact. It contains more warmth and authentic history about Aldon's incredible run of pop music than any other source I know, other than simply cranking up the stereo and listening to the source material.

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