Tuesday Morning Fish Fry

In Sunday’s NYTimes, an op-ed by Mark Lynas, on GMO’s: he touts a genetically modified eggplant that has been bred to resist pests on its own, not requiring pesticides. Hmm.…Also in the Times, a coyote is captured in Manhattan…We just received our shipment of Stretching – Pocket Book Edition — and it is actually sensational; stretching in the 21st century, it actually fits in a pocket…On May 15 I’m going to see the Carolina Chocolate Drops in San Francisco, then that weekend is the Maker Faire in San Mateo, where we’ll have a booth, be giving away our mini books and selling building books, and I’ll be doing a presentation Saturday titled “50 Years of Natural Building”…May 23rd I’m going to NYC for the big book convention and to hang out for a week…On June 5-7 is The Mother Earth News Fair in Albany, Oregon (near Corvallis) and I’m doing a presentation on Tiny Homes on the Move and another titled “50 Years of Natural Building.” Mother Earth editor Cheryl Long suggested the latter and I’m pretty excited about putting together a summary of all these years of shooting photos of buildings…been listening to the “girl groups” of the 50-60s. the Ronettes, Shirelles, Chantelles, McGuire Sisters, the Chiffons, the Dixie Cups — wonderful vocal harmonies…musical factoid: Little Eva, who did “The Loco-motion,” was a babysitter for Carol King and her husband Gerry Goffin; Carole and Gerry talked Eva into doing a demo, and a bit of musical history was made.


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  1. Just a thought, but . . . "50 Years of Natural Building" might be a great book for you folks to put together. I'd definitely buy it!

    Bob Abel
    Dover DE

  2. Dominic says:

    I hope one of the girl groups was singing happy birthday!
    Many more years to you Lloyd.
    Thank you for all that you do.

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