"Holy Cow" by Lee Dorsey

My son Will turned me on to Lee Dorsey last week, can’t believe I never heard of him. Born in New Orleans in 1924, was buddies with Fats Domino, many of his songs produced by Alan Toussaint, backed by The Meters.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    "Ya Ya" or "Working in the Coal Mine" rang no bells for you? Or "Ride Your Pony" (although the logic of its gun shot sounds is still lost on me)? I think I've read that you worked in insurance in the early '60s, but, sorry, that's no excuse. I've also heard that Lee Dorsey (as Kid Chocolate) was a pretty good boxer.

  2. Now shoot (pow!)
    Shoot (pow!)

    …I dunno, cowboys?

    Also love "Get Out of My Life, Woman", also much covered (Iron Butterfly, anyone?)

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