The Barefoot Farmer grows more than food

“Take a trip to Jeff Poppen’s Long Hungry Creek Farm and you’ll find a year-round farm. You’re also likely to stumble across some agricultural teaching moments or discover yourself in the middle of a 1,000-person celebration. And it’s possible you’ll find all of that occurring simultaneously.

 Poppen, known to many as the Barefoot Farmer, uses his land to grow and raise food like plenty of other farmers do. But much more happens around his 250 acres in Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee, and most of it centers around Poppen’s many passions — a passion for small family farms, for community, for getting young people back on the land, and for healing the environment.…”

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    Family Farm Thrives In Oak Park

    Push To Change Sacramento's Urban Agriculture Ordinance

    Sacramento food activists push for urban farms

    Top local chefs offer support for Sacramento urban farming ordinance

    Beyond Free Lunch: Schools Open Food Pantries For Hungry Families

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    Good News – Los Angeles City Council Says Vegetables Can Be Grown Along Sidewalks

    The Los Angeles, California, City Council voted this week to allow residents to grow fruits and vegetables in the small strips of city-owned land between the sidewalk and street. Doing so used to require a $400 permit, essentially preventing lower-income residents from using the green spaces, which are also known as parkways. Community groups have been pushing for many years to do away with the permit fee in hopes of improving low-income communities' access to healthy foods, and the council has been working on the ordinance change for almost two years. The council still needs to update guidelines for parkway landscaping to include edible plants and set rules to ensure that the plants don't impede sidewalk access. The mayor is expected to approve the change next week, and if he does, the ordinance will go into effect in 30 days.

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