Real Old People Who Are ALIVE

Photo of 73-year-old Duan Tzinfu by Vladimir Yakolev (see below).

Russian photojournalist Vladimir Yakovlev has been shooting photos of active old people for some time. He published a book of the photos, The Age of Happiness, in Russian and plans on doing the same in English. He’s a wonderful photographer. He interviewed me a year or so ago, and continues to gather material, as shown here, (sent us by Eszter Hargittai):

See also The Age of Happiness Facebook page:“Duan Tzinfu saved his life by accident. One fine day, he was walking in Tiantan, a Beijing city park, when he saw a group of people who were exercising with enviable enthusiasm.

Tzinfu was impressed by how flexible the exercisers were. These were people much older than him who did the splits with ease. Duan couldn’t even bend over without a big sigh.

If it weren’t for this chance meeting, Duan Tzinfu would probably not be alive today. After 50 years of working at a glass factory, his health was shattered to bits. Duan could barely walk, and his lungs – damaged by glass dust – barely functioned. 

Tiantan, it’s important to note, is no ordinary city park. It’s more like a giant, slightly odd club under the open sky where the most diverse people gather. It’s a park where it’s possible to find people who share your same hobby, whether it be music or Martial Arts. One such group caught Duan Tzinfu’s attention. 

Duan decided to start exercising, to achieve the same kind of lightness of movement and flexibility. The group he joined practiced techniques based on Daoist principles. Stretching and relaxation exercises play a key role in these techniques, and the system as a whole is focused on reducing the effects of aging as well as an overall regeneration of the organism.…”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    very cool.

    I especially like this one..

    Lloyd Kahn, 79-Year-Old Skateboarder

  2. Anonymous says:

    Another Tough Old Grandma

    Little Italy Museum Seeks to Evict Italian-American Grandma

    “Why would you want to throw me out when I lived here all my life?” asked Adele Sarno, a feisty, raspy-voiced woman who proudly tells how she once even served as queen of the annual Feast of San Gennaro, Little Italy’s most well-known event. “This is my neighborhood.”

    Sarno said the fight over her $820-a-month, two-bedroom apartment above the Italian American Museum began about five years ago. That’s when she received a letter seeking to increase that rent to $3,500 a month, far more than the retired shopkeeper says she can afford.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is a good idea. Only better would be to expand it to all age groups, not just University students, so the folks have a variety of interactions..

  4. Anonymous says:

    here's another

    97 year old woman who climbs tree like a whiz

  5. Anonymous says:

    another amazing person

    102-Year-Old Miguel Cruz Leads a Life Unlike Most Centenarians: Active, Social, and Healthy

    Miguel Angel Cruz isn’t your average 102-year-old. He drives, plays pool, jogs, hangs out at the local deli, does his own laundry, and is on Facebook. Cruz is only a few months shy of turning 103. He was born on Aug. 19, 1911 in Quebradillas, Puerto Rico

    Cruz is in excellent health. His first visit to a cardiologist was at age 98. Recently, he underwent a valve procedure at New York Presbyterian Hospital

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