Exploring the World on Motorcycles

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“What a guy, what a life! Reminds me of Ted Simon who rode an old Brit motorcycle around the world for four years when he was 40, then did the same trip again at age 70. His books are classics for all bikers. He has lived for years on his homestead in Covelo CA.


Check it out. You have to poke around on the website a bit: 

“We are a family of 3 (Terry, son, Jack and Sandy) that travel on 2 BMW motorcycles. Terry and Jack ride on an 1150 GSA and I ride a 650 GS. We’ve been traveling by moto since Jack was 4, riding the dirt trails of Mt. Shasta forest, with Jack securely tucked in front with Terry. It was so comfortable for Jack that he would eventually fall asleep on the tank bag! Once Jack fit into the proper gear, we started heading out on long distance treks. Every year, we find ourselves wanting more and more, extending the time away by days and sometimes weeks. There is such joy in traveling together, in watching Jack learn more than a classroom could ever teach. From Canada to Iowa, Spain to Colombia, Jack is fortunate to have such experiences at the ripe old age of 10. Our goal is not only to show Jack the world, but to reinstill our faith in humanity, to go beyond the tragedies shown in the media and share our positive experiences with the world. Jack’s only going to be young for so long, and it is our job as parents to give him the proper tools to succeed in whatever path he chooses. Sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s demanding, but it is all wonderful and would not be changed for anything. Cheers!”


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  1. Wow! That was a long time ago. We are currently in Colombia on an 18 month trip through the Americas. Jack is now big enough to ride the BMW F800 and R1200 as he's now 13 and as tall as I am.

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