Wild Foods From Berkeley and Oakland Sidewalks

“UC Berkeley professors Philip Stark and Tom Carlson are self-proclaimed botanical rubberneckers. When both of them walk their daily route to campus, it’s rare that they’ll take a few steps without stopping in their tracks, bending down, and finding some food to snack on.

Their wild snacks are what most people would call weeds.

Weeds, they say, get a really bad rap. Instead Stark and Carlson want people to think of them as wild edibles, underprivileged plants, or forgotten foods. ‘They’re just an incredible resource and we’re not using them,’ Stark says.'”…


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  1. Anonymous says:

    nice stories here
    hero dog



    the RCMP always get their man…..errrrrr……Seal
    ((how DID that seal know to stay in back of truck for an hour long ride?))


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