Shots of Jameson's and Spectacular Spider in Kauai

I had so many experiences and shot so many photos during my 3 weeks in Kauai that I could do a mini-book, but there just ain’t the time. So I’ll put stuff up in dribs and drabs. This is Jeremy Hill and his girlfriend Jen (from San Diego) at Mariachi’s bar/excellent restaurant in Kapa’a one night. They bought me a shot.

Jeremy showed me this photo he’d taken of a spider on the island, looks like a fanciful drawing.

A week later Jeremy and I ended up at the Bistro, another v. good restaurant in Kilauea and had a great visit while we ate dinner at the bar.

So much “content,” so little time…

5 Responses to Shots of Jameson's and Spectacular Spider in Kauai

  1. We have spiders very similar to that one here in SE Australia. I found out their name some time ago but cannot remember it. Nor can any image search come up with an answer. Pretty nonetheless…

  2. John Kaay says:

    We had those same exact spiders in south florida more than 50 years ago when I was a kid.
    You can pick them up like a crab, with a finger on each side of the shell.
    I wonder if they hitch-hiked to the U.S. On eucalyptus?

  3. Well done, Peter Robinson! We have them here in PR as well, but I never knew what they were called.

  4. Yes, well done Peter. Thnks for jogging the memory. I just did an image search for Gasteracantha and they sure are a pretty genus of spider. Accidentally stood on one a few days ago and felt sad. Then saw a redback and didnt feel at all sad standing on that one.

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