Gross Passenger Liner in Kauai

A polluting, clumsy, resource-guzzling symbol of over-consumption docked at Nawiliwili, Kauai

2 Responses to Gross Passenger Liner in Kauai

  1. Anonymous says:

    at one time I yearned to save up to go on many of these "amazing luxury cruises"….

    Now, since there have been SO MANY incidents of catastrophes on board these luxury cruise liners, most all of which involve the toilets backing up, various nasty personal habit responses to same….the spark has gone.

    I have little yearning to splurge on these, and most always when I see them advertised, the first thing which comes to mind are the various disasters which have involved cruise liners in the past few years.

    by the way,
    counting passengers/crew, how many people do you all figure is maximum capacity on one this size?

  2. Yes, and any passenger on such a monster don't care shitt about the environment. So sad.

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