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  1. kiniboy says:

    Lloyd, tanks eh for all your great posts about Kauai and Hawaii. Many travel writers get so caught up gushing about sunsets from 5 star restaurants and hotels, they never get around to the people, small businesses, and culture that is the actual heart throb of Hawaii. You've done an excellent job! A special thanks for featuring Bruddah Iz in this post.
    Your next visit, please come to Maui; plenny ol' futs around here to talk story with

    Gene Belmont, Makawao.

  2. gamby says:

    I was in Cancun last week for dental work and end of a long day in the dental chair feeling tired and sore I got on the bus headed back to my rental. A Mayan dude stoned to the bone gets on carrying a ukulele and proceeds to playing and singing "Over the Rainbow" and the tourists and locals hummed and sang along. Wow, that took the edge off my misery and of course I wished that I was in Kauai instead of Cancun but nevertheless it was a wondrous moment.

  3. Lloyd Kahn says:



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