I'm Off to Kauai

I can’t figure out why a Pacific West Coast native/surfer such as moi have gone only twice to Hawaii, and did no surfing and just a little swimming on both trips. Well, I’m off tomorrow early from Oakland on a $211 Alaska Airlines one-way flight to Kauai and I am excited! I intend to get back into the water in whatever way I can, and tune back into El Pacifico physically.

Whereas I’ve prided myself on not checking in bags for a few years, this time I’m taking a honker bag with wheels and about 35 lbs. of swim fins, air mat, tent, sleeping bag, soft rooftop surf rack, hiking boots + etc. What a luxury — checking in  a bag! It’s different when I was going to Southeast Asia and wanted to jump in and out of airplanes quickly.

I’ve got a bunch of people to visit, both near Hanalei and Waimea, and I’m doing a slide show/talk on Tiny Homes on the Move at the Princeville Public Library next Wednesday, January 21st (northern part of island near Hanalei).

Being away from the office and biz responsibilities, I’ll be posting a lot more. I love doing the blog, but when in the saddle of running a publishing empire (hah!), there’s only so much time. SO, stay tuned the next few weeks; come along with me and ride shotgun.

3 Responses to I'm Off to Kauai

  1. gary green says:

    go sailing one day while there!!! have a great time you lucky dog.lol!!

  2. BCKRVUE says:

    I always enjoyed your blog posts from your Asia tour. Have a great trip my good man.

  3. Alina says:

    You're going to love the Kauai waters. Be safe!

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