Candy and the Ship in a Bottle at Aloha-n-Paradise

Yesterday I discovered the espresso hangout in Waimea, called Aloha-n-Paradise, run by the very lively Candy Baar. While waiting for Candy to make my latte, I spotted a dust-covered bottle on a shelf on the porch. It was an exquisite little bamboo house, complete with 2 people and a palm tree impossibly ensconced in a bottle with a rusty cap with a diameter of about 1-1/4 inches. Did they build it inside the bottle, or have it folded so they could slip it in and then pull it erect?

I had to have it. Candy and I agreed on a price and when I get back, it’ll be a star exhibit in the Shelter office.

Coffee is excellent and there’s an art gallery and wi-fi connection.

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  2. Mr. Sharkey says:

    For your further edification, and unless I'm wrong (think not), the bottle is an ancient "Log Cabin Pancake Syrup" container.

  3. Jerry Young says:

    Way to go Lloyd. What a great find, and sweet that she would part with it.

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