Asian Street Fashion

I know, who am I to be commenting on a book like this? Well, it’s been sitting on a table in our house this week and I started looking at it. It’s a beautifully designed book (other than the captions running vertically) and the photos by James Bent are perfect. (It’s actually shameful that publisher Thames & Hudson did not give credit for book design anywhere.)

It makes me realize how seldom I see well-designed photo books.

The clothing is elegant, subtle, and stylish, and what the photographer chooses to shoot is a welcome relief from the weird big-time-designer stuff you see in Vogue, Vanity Fair, etc. (as modeled by anorexics with pained expressions).

It reminds me of The Sartorialist, a fashion blog by Scott Schuman, who wanders the streets of Manhattan shooting people wearing clothes that catch his eye.

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