Very strong storm–perhaps strongest since 2008–will arrive in California late Wednesday

Californians, tighten your seat belts!

“…The numerical weather models are now in strong agreement that a powerful Pacific winter storm will slam Northern California later this week, bringing very heavy precipitation and very strong winds. In many ways the upcoming event is a textbook major storm setup for Northern California, with an impressive strengthening of the East Asian jet extending clear across the Pacific Ocean and driving a rapidly-deepening surface low pressure area off of the coast of far northern California.…

Associated with this well-defined trough and strengthening low is a rather impressive atmospheric river–or narrow region of highly concentrated atmospheric water vapor transport–a phenomenon that is often linked with extreme precipitation and flooding along the West Coast of North America when other atmospheric conditions are favorable. This week, it does indeed appear that all the ingredients may come together for a very high-impact storm event, especially across the northern half of the state. Preliminary indications suggest that wind speeds with the upcoming system may be of a similar magnitude to those experienced during the noted January 2008 event, which brought widespread significant impacts to a broad swath of NorCal. Precipitation from the upcoming system may be even more impressive than that experienced during the 2008 storm, as some of the models are spitting out very impressive 36-hour totals for California’s lowlands and urban areas.…”

From Lew Lewandowski today

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Been out pruning today in anticipation. Wish my neighbor would do the same – going to be some large tree branches aimed in my direction!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I don't know that pruning always works as we intend. Last biggest storm I was in the trees I left alone did fine, the ones I pruned lost more branches.

  3. The Geoenginneers are finally allowing this storm to happen with out Haarp it to death. Go to Geoenginneer Watch to find what has happen to California the last 2years.

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