New Brakes for Skateboards/Highway One Closed For 3 Months

If I could slide, I wouldn’t need these, but I’ve never mastered the technique (you slide the board so it’s skidding along sideways and it slows you down when you’re going too fast). In the past I’ve had 2 boards with brakes that were activated by a cable,but they never worked well.

These brakes, from Australia, are a whole new deal:

“…The brake components are made from CNC machined aluminium and stainless steel, plus special purpose brake compounds as used in current motor vehicle brake systems.

The brake consists of two independent cone clutches. An outer alumimun drum is lined with friction material. An inner cone is made from stainless steel. A pair of spring loaded levers push the inner cone members into the brake linings. These stainless steel levers are balanced with a unique linkage that connects through the skateboard deck. The brake design allows for full mobility and turning of a regular truck.

On top of the deck is a brake pedal that is foot operated. Brake power is controlled by body weight applied to the pedal. The pedal sits on a urethane bushing that regulates the down force for smooth application.…”

They’re expensive (almost $300). My son Evan installed them on my Loaded Tesseract — took him awhile — not simple. I’ve tried them a bit, seem to work fine, now waiting for dry weather.

Highway One is closed north of Muir Beach and what’s bad news for drivers is potentially good news for skaters. More news to follow (on the brakes and Highway One) as soon as I can check it out.

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  1. bayrider says:

    Is it designed to be operated with front foot or rear, or maybe either?

    I too would love to slide but I don't think I want to put in the necessary road rash to learn.

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