Eliphante: Michael Kahn’s Sculptural Village in the Arizona Desert

In 1989, I drove my Tacoma truck to Arizona to visit my cousin Mike, who had created a sculptural complex in the desert near Sedona. Mike and I had hung out together as kids; he was a year younger, and we looked a lot alike. He was an artist from early on. We’d each gone off with our different lives, then got together in the mid-60s when we were both feeling the stirrings of the cultural revolution, and this was the first time I’d seen him since then.

He told me he’d been influenced and inspired by our book Shelter in building what he called Eliphante. I stayed there for a few days, visiting Mike and his wife Leda and shot the pictures that appear in our book Home Work, and here on our blog: https://www.theshelterblog.com/eliphante-michael-kahns-sculptural-village-arizona-desert/#wrapper.
He created the room shown here out of used automobile windshields, with stained glass glued on with silicone caulk.

3 Responses to Eliphante: Michael Kahn’s Sculptural Village in the Arizona Desert

  1. Do you know how the building handled the desert weather extremes? Were you ever inside when it was very hot or cold?


  2. Lloyd Kahn says:

    This building was uninsulated and about the same temperature as the outside, but Mike built another building that he and Leda lived in, and it was more or less insulated.

  3. desertwildflowerlv says:

    Hi Lloyd, This picture was my favorite in Home Work and the reason I bought the book, just so I could look at it over and over. I didn't know it was possible to (maybe) see it in person but now I will look into it. I love your books and ideas. Thank you.

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