One Response to Chicken Coop of Recycled Materials in Austin, Texas, by Greg Geisler

  1. Anonymous says:

    Calgary May Soon Have LEGAL Backyard Chicken Coops

    (sure surprised when I read this, as there is LOTS of opposition..Surprised to hear Edmonton has a trial project on this.)

    bylaw services unit has proposed a trial with 20 coop keepers so it remains a manageable program for staff, and it’s comparable to Edmonton’s 19-home trial,

    “There are currently about 100 backyard operations,” said Hughes, the frontman for the Canadian Liberated Urban Chicken Klub — a group that helped other cities’ urban farming activists proceed with legalizing chicken operations long before Calgary council would embrace the idea.

    Coun. Ray Jones, who opposed backyard chickens before but and has actually sponsored Monday’s proposal, had expected the pilot to include 50 t0 100 homes. Hughes said he’s not fussed that it’s a smaller trial, and hopes there will be one city-monitored coop in all 14 city wards

    Mayor Naheed Nenshi will support the year-long experiment

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