Lloyd’s Camping Vehicles, Part 2

These days I’m doing less posts on this blog and more on TheShelterBlog. I realized that I had a lot of build-garden-homestead-forage experience (and assemblage) to communicate and liked the idea of putting it all in one place.

I’ll cross-reference some of my posts on the new blog with this one, such as this:

I bought it used from a builder friend. It didn’t have the “Xtra cab,” so the bed was 8′ long.
Tarp for Shade:  I had a Yakima Rocket Box on racks on the camper roof, with a flea market tarp (12’×14′) folded up inside. The frame was 1″ electrical conduit, with special connectors tightenable with wingscrews. The tarp was aluminized fabric. It was weighted down with canvas bags filled with sand and hung from each corner (ingenious!). Took maybe 45 minutes to set up. I’d place it butting up to the truck bed.

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  1. bayrider says:

    I had the exact same truck with aluminum cap on it, purchased in 1980. That was the perfect beach/sporting vehicle and I spent many many months stealth camping and ranging up and down the barrier islands beaches of Assateague and Chincoteaque Islands in MD and VA and the Outer Banks in NC. You're right, the 8 ft bed was great, plenty of space for sleeping. That truck was indestructible, it was often referred to as the son of Land Cruiser.

    Your camp is awesome!

  2. Anonymous says:

    hey Lloyd,
    thought you might like to see this
    it is the TINY building where Harley Davidson started out in. A bit like a "tiny home"

    Second pic down on page

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