Birds of the Week

Lew found this hummingbird in the kitchen. It had probably been trapped in there a while; it was catatonic, its chi was ebbing. Its wings were fluffed up in an attempt to get warm. Hummingbirds are perpetual motion machines; they need to be constantly moving and eating to keep up with the high metabolism.

We mixed some agave syrup with warm water and we dipped its beak in it several times. It tilted its head back each time to swallow. Then we put it on a chair in the sun;as it warmed up, its feathers started unfluffing and when we looked a few minutes later, it had taken off.

The scrub jay is so unbelievably blue.

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  1. Well done, Bird Men! And yes, that is one seriously blue bird! Scrub jays…now I have to look them up, not like 'blue jays' at all.

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    Lloyd, since you seem to "capture" so many Hummingbirds, thought this might interest.

    Scientists find fault in hummingbirds’ hovering abilities

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    Two Brothers Save Bald Eagle From Trap

    full video at bottom of article

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