Rainy Night in Canada

I pulled into Courtenay,

Was raining and getting dark…

Friday night on my book trip to Vancouver Island.

Went to Serious Coffee for caffeine, wi-fi, town orientation. It’s good to get away from SF/LA/NYC etc. sophisticated areas. Courtenay’s a pretty real town. Real people. Refreshing. Got nice motel room, started looking for music venues…Whistlestop Pub…well, yeah-uh. I lucked out. Big place, multi-levels. sat at bar, great beer, great food…what type music they gonna play, I asked bartender. “Sorta rockish…”

Lead guitar player probably 60 y.o., other guys young. They did covers — Dylan, Credence, some better than others. Then they did the Beatles’ If I Fell In Love, the drummer singing John’s lines, and it was stunning. I don’t know if the band even knew what was happening, but they were channeling this great song from 50 (!) years ago; it was perfect…

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  1. You aren't far away, just a ferry ride from Courtney to Powell River. If you ever come over our way let me know. – Margy (Powell Lake Float Cabin in Tiny Homes book)

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