Guardians of the Galaxy - Wow!

So here I am Monday afternoon, heading south on Vancouver Island, with a plane to catch the next morning from Victoria to Vancouver for the flight home. I get into Duncan around 3 PM and see that Guardians of the Galaxy is playing at 4:15. Well, all right! I’d read that it was pretty good.

First movie I’ve seen in a theater in about a year. Sunny afernoon no less. I sat pretty far up, center, and darned if I wasn’t the only person in the 350-seat theater. I had a bag of popcorn. How much better could it be?

I loved the movie. All the elements worked. The hunky hero Peter Quill is vulnerable and likeable. The talking raccoon brilliant and believable, with a great patched-together leather suit. Everyone’s got a sense of humor. For once the special effects are effective and not weird and overdone. The little space ships are sleekly designed. Marvel studios. I enjoyed it the same way I loved movies when I was 12. Fun!

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  1. I want to see it even more after that great revue….sounds like a good time. Glad you liked it, Lloyd….

  2. Anonymous says:

    Lloyd: You amaze me! You have so much fun and really enjoy life. God Bless you.

  3. Anonymous says:

    a sci fi fan…great.

    My husband is too. One night late he was watching one on t.v., house lights all off. I walked in darkness to the kitchen.. Was very startled to see something move, outside, close to the room he was watching in.

    upon closer look, there was a huge buck laying down, about a yard from the house. right outside where hubby was watching. As the sound effects played out, the buck moved his head this way and that, paying close attention to the change in sounds.

    Guess Bucks like Sci fi too, grin.

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