Brown Sugar by -- Little Richard

Brown Sugar by Little Richard on Grooveshark

Never heard this before. The whoooos are still tremulating here. Not sure of date — ’71?

Some years ago, Little Richard was called upon to introduce Paul McCartney at I believe, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. At that point, I don’t believe L.R. had been inducted. I was watching it on TV and was surprised and pleased to see him come up to the mike and say “I am — the architect of rock n roll!”

Well, all right…moment of truth. Who should have been introducing whom here?

Heard this on maybe my favorite radio show, Michael Des Barres’ program on Sirius’ Underground Garage channel, preceded by the Stones original. Michael plays such good stuff, incl. many bands from the 60s to 70s I’ve never heard of.

Two of my favorite Little Richard songs (not so well known) are “Bama Lama, Bama Loo,” and “I Got It,” where he says

It ain’t what you eat,

It’s the way how you chew it…

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