Twin-Prop Plane From Vancouver to Victoria

Pacific Coastal Airlines Beechcraft 1900C, for the short hop from Vancouver to Victoria 2 days ago. You have to crouch to get down aisle. Just one other passenger. It was great to see this water wonderland of two cities from the air.

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  1. Reppas says:

    Pacific Coastal is a fine little airline, and gives you a totally different flying experience from the major airlines. The first time that I flew the 30-minute route from Vancouver up to Powell River, the cabin service was the co-pilot coming around with a big bucket full of chocolate bars, saying take what you want. This was a vast improvement over the cabin service I have experienced from the majors recently.

    The flight itself was a bit alarming because we were bouncing around in dense cloud and pouring rain at around 5,000 feet over the Salish Sea, in the full knowledge that, not too far away, was the Coastal Range with peaks at around 6,000-7,000 feet. Suddenly, a gap in the cloud opened up and there was the Powell River Airport runway at about 50 feet below us, so it all ended well. The aircrews do this run several times a day, winter and summer, so are familiar with the challenging weather and terrain but, for a novice flier on the route, it can be a little nerve-wracking and stomach-churning. I definitely regretted eating TWO chocolate bars!

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