Luxury Mobile Home

I’ve seen some big units like this that cost $500,000 or so.

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  1. Mr. Sharkey says:


    That coach is built on a Prevost raw shell, which, purchased new, cost over $300,000. The lowest price Marathon coach (built a few miles north of Eugene, Oregon, among other places) starts at $750,000, and just goes up from there.

    That being said, pretty much all of these buses that I've toured are monuments to bad taste and garish design. Lots of Lucite, mirrors on the ceilings, rope lights around the edges of the counter tops, synthetic fabrics, etc., ad nauseum.

    They have 100% electric powered household appliances, and have a 4 cylinder turbo diesel generator that puts out more horsepower than my car. There is one small solar panel on the roof – to keep the generator battery topped up. If they have an installed propane system, it is only to fuel the basement-mounted outdoor BBQ.

    I keep two calendars from 2000 and 2001 hanging in my Crown conversion to act as the "anti-plan" or pictorial examples of what I'm NOT building.

    It would be interesting to see one of these coaches converted in a more organic manner, more wood, a finer aesthetic for interior look and feel. The closest I ever came was seeing one being finished up at the factory that was "nautical-themed", but it was still a doozy, and not very comfortable looking.

    Different strokes, I guess. The 1% that can afford a coach like this would hate having to stoke the wood stove in my conversion to keep warm.

  2. Sam says:

    I thought about buying a bus many years ago. If you watch ebay for a long…time you can get a fantastic deal on used travel buses. Convert them to burn vegetable oil and you're in business.

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