4 Responses to Long Interview With Lloyd by Ari Solomon

  1. QUAIL333 says:

    Lloyd, I would very much like to get your take on 1] Buckminster Fuller 2] Paolo Soleri 3] Ken Kern. As well as SHELTER they were early influences and I would like to sort out there relevance, they have kind of been forgotten now, rightly so?

  2. Lloyd Kahn says:

    1) Bucky was inspirational in 60s, but I came to feel his designs and ideas were sterile (Dome over Manhattan, "Design Scientists." machine-made housing, etc.) and he took credit for things he did not invent:
    1. The Dymaxion car was a copy of the much earlier 1913 Alfa Romeo aerodynamic "Monovolume."
    2. The geodesic dome was invented in Germany in 1922, patented by Fuller in 1955.
    3. He took credit for Kenneth Snelson's work on tensegrity.
    2) Soleri: I was an early fan ('60s), but not of Arcosanti. Megalomaniac architecture.
    3) Ken Kern: wonderful man, I read and re-read The Owner Builder Home in the early'60s.

  3. josh says:

    This link from the interview is also really insightful:

    Lloyd, I have to say that your perspective always emboldens my convictions. It's also just crazy sad that so little has changed in so many years. I have a lot rattling aorund my head right now, wish I could make sense of it.

  4. QUAIL333 says:

    Thanks for that, Ken Kern still resonates for me, kind of a romantic notion of independent living.

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