Water Skeeters, Mountain Lion, Coyote, American White Pelicans, Clams, Seaweed

Intersections with the natural world the past few days: I studied water skeeters in a hill pond Tuesday; a brilliant design by mother nature. They float on 6 legs; 4 long ones for skittering and 2 short legs in front. They move mostly with breaststrokes of the 2 front legs and when startled just zoom. I was transfixed, watched them for 5 minutes or so, the fact they float on their legs…Doug saw a young mountain lion; we always look for the long tail to be sure it’s not a big bobcat…Yes, a long tail, he said, also that it appeared to be a young one, with spots on its skin…I saw a big healthy coyote crossing the road Tuesday night…Yesterday I paddled my kayak across the bay and dug clams…saw 4 of the huge American Pelicans; wingspan of 8-10 feet…harvested some seaweed — Macrocystis integrifolia, a smaller cousin of giant kelp; I’ve been bringing home all kinds of seaweed and this one appears promising. It’s flavorful, with salt crystals that sparkle when it’s dried. I’m grinding it and using it instead of salt on meat, vegetables. salad.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    How are you selecting which species of seaweed you try. Just sampling a little of everything? Do you have a book that identifies them? I live on puget sound. I'm curious but too chicken to just start eating.

  2. Lloyd Kahn says:

    There are lots of books on seaweed. I believe most of the salt water species are edible, but also that they can become contaminated with heavy metals. I'd use Google to explore the issue.

  3. Anonymous says:

    check this out. Monkey steals tourists iphone, and appears to know how to use it…..


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