The Willamette Valley - Hey Hay!

I headed south from Portland Thursday about noon. I meandered down to Corvallis on side roads to the west of I-5, shooting pictures of barns, picking berries, enjoying the beauty of this valley. It is uber-agricultural. Rich soil, lots of water, 3 months of summer heat. It’s hay harvest time and I saw more hay here in 2 days than I’ve seen in all my life.

Huge bales, way different from my hay-bucking days in Colusa, Calif. (2 guys, a flatbed truck, hay hooks). It’s now a big machinery operation. Hay everywhere—just cut, or baled into huge rectangles or cylinders sitting in the fields.

This valley is on a more human scale than say, California’s San Joaquin Valley (along Hwy 5), with its bizarre monocropping. It’s a little like the fields in England, but on a larger scale.

Had standing room only at my event in Corvallis. Sending this from Portland airport — on me way home. Got a number of really nice barns — will post when time.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i live not far from this sign.the man put it up to mock the new readerboard that cost thousands of dollars just south of this mans sign.

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