Movin' On

I love doing this blog. For the past few years, I’ve done at least a post per day. But I’ve reached a new stage now, with a body of work to do, so I’m no longer going to do daily posts, 365. I’ll be putting things up here, but less frequently. I’m also going to quit checking email daily. I need less electronics in my life.

Here are my upcoming projects:

The Shelter Blog I’m going to put some major effort into it. It’s now up and running, and I have a lot of articles I want to do for builders (Round Barns of Oregon, Master Builders of the Middle Ages, Aisle-and-bay-divided Timber Frame Barns, SunRay Kelley’s Latest Cob Yurts…). The goal is to have this blog be as good as one of our books. (Check it out in 6 months.)

YouTube Videos 1-1/2 minute videos on each of our building books, Tools for the Half-Acre Homestead, Office Workout Equipment, Building a raised garden bed, splitting shakes, washing dishes…

Stretching – the Pocketbook This book has sold over 3 million copies and now we are doing it as a pocketbook.

Book on Barns

Book on Small Homes

Sheesh, until I started writing this, I didn’t realize how much great stuff there is to do!

Actually, will be posting in the next few days, as I’m on the road, up at my friend Louie’s in the NorCal woods.

3 Responses to Movin' On

  1. Joy Banks says:

    Looking forward to all these great ventures!

  2. BCKRVUE says:

    I'm hoping the Barn Book bring you to the Midwest… Change is good. Enjoy!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I agree with BCKRVUE, please come to the Midwest, we have some beautiful coasts in Michigan too.
    As far as your current plan goes… Keep on Keepin' on!
    As far as your invite to check "The Shelter" in 6 months? Oh hell no, I'm still going to check both blogs every morning!



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