Burger and Big Mama at Brownsville Saloon

Not sure what this store was. It was in Brownsville (Oregon), Friday evening, as I was heading north from Eugene. Had a great hamburger and dark oat stout at the Brownsville Saloon Bar & Grill and intense conversation with another music lover at the bar; someone was playing really good songs on the juke box, including Hound Dog by Big Mama Willie Mae Thornton.

I’m back home, trying to unscramble photos and notes. Taking off tomorrow to do an appearance at Bookshop Santa Cruz Tuesday night.

I’ve got about a dozen barns, which I’ll post when I get time…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    one of my favorite spots.DAS

  2. EF Edwards says:

    what are those in the window? tobacco leaves? bat wings? generic leaves? Love the blog– keep it up!

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