Jeez do I love it up here. The first time I came to Oregon, in about 1969, I pulled in to a gas station and a guy walked up and handed me a joint (I had long hair).

I’ve been here about 48 hours and swam in 2 rivers, soaked in hot springs, met lots of wonderful people, and yesterday fell in love. With a barn.

I fall in love with buildings, and this little curved-roof barn just took my breath away. Hasn’t happened in years. I walk inside and go (out loud), oh yeah! I’ll post pix soon.

Book signing at Powell’s tonight.  Maybe I’ll slip some barn photos into my slide shows this week.

Photo: No one told me the Clackamas River was emerald green!

3 Responses to O-R-E-G-O-N!

  1. Mr. Sharkey says:

    Sorry Lloyd, these days, you'll have to go to Washington or Colorado to receive free joints with your fuel purchases. That may change here after the November elections.

    Oh, and we never tell anyone about the pristine condition of our waterways, helps keep them safe from other states which might decide to "preemptively" invade us and steal our water!

  2. TIN says:

    Hey Lloyd, any chance of putting some photos up of the barn?… Also was the barn made from oregon timber, it's quite a luxury to be able to build with a nice clear piece of oregon timber nowadays… does the name of the town have anything to do with the timber?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Lloyd, ah… you still kind of have long hair… any spiritual gifts this trip? 😉


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