Colorful Cabin, Mendocino, Calif.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This boarded-up Vancouver home is a shambles and is due for the wrecking ball. Asking price: $25.8-million
    Sad to see such land/homes priced out of the reach of all but foreingers…
    once upon a time, a Canadian Army Officer could afford it, NO more
    Bertram M. Hoffmeister would be amazed — perhaps appalled — were he still around. In 1937, the Canadian Army officer commissioned local architect Charles Van Norman to craft him a home on 4749 Belmont
    Then, when Hoffmiester went off to war, he rented it to a member of Group of Seven
    first tenant was another prominent Canadian, Group of Seven painter Lawren Harris, who lived in the house until 1943
    last person to occupy the house was Victor Li, son of Hong Kong mogul Li Ka-shing, one of the world’s richest men. Mr. Li and his family lived at 4749 Belmont for approximately five years, and sold the property to its current owner in 1997. No one has lived in it since.
    Now, it will likely sell to another foreigner…
    Seems sad to me, from what I read, quite a lot of prime land, throughout North America is now owned by foreigners…

  2. Anonymous says:

    might interest

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