Photos From NYC & Brooklyn

If I had time, I do a photo booklet on each trip. The week I just spent on the east coast was particularly rich. But there are other pressing matters to attend to (running a publishing business, fixing a blown-out well, catching up on homestead maintenance), so the best I can do right now at this throw out some random photographs. I’m also going to try to recap the week soon. Such fun!

This was a tour of 1950s beatnik landmarks. The guide was saying that Allen Ginsburg, Peter Orlovsky, Neil Cassidy, Gregory Corso. et al had lived in this apartment building back in the day.
Who says the East Coast doesn’t have surf?

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  1. jhm says:

    Q: Who says the East Coast doesn't have surf?
    A: West coasters.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Fact is, these are all much more worthwhile/interesting than the big blue ring…and bet they cost less.

    or half a million for THIS

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