Mendo to Arcata

Now in the Lost Coast Brewery in Eureka, good burger, great draft ale, Ecuador playing France on TV…left Mendo around 10 AM, swam in the South Fork of the Eel River, was stunned by old growth redwoods…you just have to be there, to see them…words, photos can’t convey the beauty, the power, of these majestic beings…hugging redwoods isn’t lame at all…On my way to Arcata…

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  1. If you are still in Arcata by morning – Renata's Creperie at 1030 G street is an incredible tasty way to start the day! I always take out-of-towners there… 🙂 enjoy your stay!

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    If you are still around for lunch or dinner, try the Kebab Cafe off Guintoli at 5000 Valley W Blvd, Arcata …one of the great falafels on the West Coast. It's tucked in the corner by Harbor Freight.


  4. Lloyd, saw one heck of a show last night at the Hotel Utah in San Francisco. Jimbo Mathus from Mississippi.

    Here is a show of his from earlier this year..

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    We just passed through Arcata on Monday, coming back from Portland…took the road from Grant's Pass Ore, to Crescent City so I could get off I-5…so we could take our time through the redwoods down 101….I never tire of the majestic redwoods….also took a dip in the eel river near Redway Way better way home than on I-5!!

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