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Tuesday I drove up to Petaluma to look at a fishing kayak.* The hills have changed from green to dried-out golden, almost white in the bright sun. Lots of growth due to late rains, grasses waving in the afternoon wind…Speaking of which, we’ve had a week of early morning low tides, but also winds. Took my kayak across a local bay a few days ago, the wind was coming up. I thought about turning back, but it started dying down.

 No luck getting horsenecks, but I got a mess of cockles plus 2 nice rock crabs; good way to spend the morning…steamed cockles last night, but they wouldn’t open after 15 minutes steaming, tough little fuckers, and steaming them this long made them tough…gotta figure this out, these aren’t the compliant commercial clams you can buy…seaweed was thick on the beach, so loaded my truck up, it’s getting rinsed and added to compost pile…just ordered a rod and spinning reel for stripers…my ongoing food-from-sea endeavors sure are fun, plus with the kayak, I’m getting a workout…

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but check out https://www.monkeyfacenews.com/, Kirk Lombard’s writings on fishing the Pacific Coast. Just found this video, go to 3:22 to see him catching a mess of herring to great music and with ayuda from a fellow fisherman…I’m goin’ fishin too…

*I’m pretty well settled on a 12′ Tarpon 120 by Wilderness Systems. It’s another world from my 20-year-old 12′ Scrambler by Ocean Kayak (which I’m gonna sell cheap). Having such a great boat will be an incentive to get out there often…also getting a sail (Wind Paddle Scout Sail) — minimal, will only go downwind…

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  1. Been board fishing but tired of getting cold so fast. Would be quite interested in your Scrambler.
    Let me know,
    Steiny in Santa Cruz

  2. Chris K says:

    I use a Wilderness Systems Tarpon 14 for striper fishing on Chesapeake Bay. They are great boats, a little heavy, but otherwise almost perfect fishing craft. BTW, I used to make my my living designing kayaks.

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