Graffiti in Bushwick, Surf at Rockaway

I took the subway out to Bushwick yesterday. I’d read that it’s the new Williamsburg, but it’s not nearly as gentrified and cute. A lot of the area is still industrial, graffiti (huge murals) abounds, the art is edgy, sidewalk vendors have interesting objects, many unique. Then I caught the train out to Rockaway Beach, where the surf happened to be about as good as it gets on the east coast. Took a lot of photos, here are a couple. Gotta get to JFK for the flight home.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    love seeing the graffiti. can't help thinking there is amazing amount of talent/organisational skill (in getting it all done). Hope some of these graffiti artists are able to use these talents / skill to make money.

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