From Yale to Investment Banking to Farming

“Roy Skeen is a 32-year-old farmer with a degree in history from Yale University.

   When he graduated in 2004, he moved to New York to work in investment banking, but he found the work unfulfilling.

    After a trip to the Caribbean, he discovered his true calling: farming.…”

Story by Laura Moss here.

Sent in by Anonymous, who wrote us: …”yet more young folks turning to farming..good stuff…”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    it is amazing how many folks are learning to take care of themselves/community in practical realistic ways.

    here is some more, started to educate folks on
    Food is Free, and lots of good links on page

  2. Anonymous says:

    More Urban Agriculture…apparently a BIG movement in Germany

    Andernach Germany

    Another Edible City…good stuff…

    Andernach – the edible city
    Zucchini from a city park

    Fruit and vegetables planted in public parks and green areas invite citizens to harvest them

    In Andernach, the motto is “picking allowed” rather than “no trespassing”. Whether strawberries, lettuce, or onions – the municipal administration lets people plant fruit, vegetables, and herbs everywhere, and everyone can pick them. As a result, public parks and green areas become gardens for citizens. The public campaign shows residents how to eat healthily and boosts their appreciation for regional food. Whether planting or harvesting, everyone can join in.

  3. Anonymous says:

    yet another urban farm/garden initiative..

  4. Anonymous says:

    Lloyd, wondered if this might interest? Seems such a shame.

    TOTALLY Stupid…. What a sad waste.
    This is an obscene waste of community spirit/vegetables/beauty.
    Check out the pics, rail track is overgrown, not in use. Beautiful flowers/veg/greenhouses abound, all to be destroyed. Obscene.
    Does anyone know someone at CP Rail, who might intervene?

    Community gardens ripped up along Arbutus corridor
    Railway brings in heavy equipment, starts dismantling gardens, structures
    CBC News Posted: Aug 14, 2014 4:19 PM PT| Last Updated: Aug 14, 2014 5:15 PM PT
    CP Rail has brought in heavy equipment and begun tearing down structures and removing the community gardens that local residents have nurtured for years along the disused Arbutus corridor railway.
    On Wednesday, "no trespass" signs went up and crews moved in with weed whackers to cut back vegetation. By Thursday, the clearing of the rail line was underway in earnest.

    Trains haven't run along the line in more than a decade and some gardeners have spent 20 years or more trying to create an urban green space there — an oasis of flowers and trees.
    Does anyone know someone at CP Rail, who might intervene?

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